About Our Company

Founded in 1967 by John Dodd, Coldflow Mechanical Services began as Coldflow Refrigeration. Fifteen years ago, the company was handed down to his three sons. Since then, the then-small company has grown into one of Melbourne’s  most successful and awarded commercial and industrial mechanical service providers today.

Coldflow Mechanical Services is one of Melbourne’s leading Commercial Air Conditioning Specialists; with over 100 years combined experience in our management, we are one of the market leaders for all things Commercial Air Conditioning with over 1000+ projects to our name.

Coldflow Mechanical currently employs approximately 60 staff. Over the past 50 years, we have been involved with providing quality commercial and industrial mechanical services to some of Australia’s leading companies and most recognised builders.

Over 45 Years Experience In the Commercial Air Conditioning Space

The key elements in the success of Coldflow Mechanical that we bring to the industry are:

  • Entrepreneurial and technical skills of its management.
  • Innovative and competitive approach in the ever changing commercial and industrial market.
  • A clear vision in the company’s future direction.
  • Customer commitment and focus from management to on-site staff.
  • In house design team, so we can cater from start to finish solutions.

Based out of Clayton, Victoria – we have completed a wide range of projects across Melbourne; from mechanical engineering for design & construction projects, to drafting shop & as-built drawings, tender quotations & submissions, to routine maintenance & 24-hour servicing and more – we here at Coldflow Mechanical Services are your one stop shop for everything commercial air-conditioning and more!